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While every effort is made to keep this posting up-to-date, the sides as named on the club notice board are those that will apply. 

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Date: Thursday 23rd November

Game No: 5

Division: 1 Blue South
Opponent: Rossmoyne Venue: Away
Skip Third Second Lead
R Donald  P Collins J McCormack

D Hicks

J McIntosh K Green D Broadfoot R McLean
D Hyde K Macpherson J Morgan P Jeanes
Side Manager: R McLean 



2 White 

Opponent: Safety Bay 2 Venue: Home 
Skip Third  Second  Lead 
 D Steinberg A Pitman D Wood P Moulton
J Pole G Wilson B Page R MacKenzie
L Richardson B Burton J Freedman R Kelly
Side Manager: B Burton                    



3 Gold 

Opponent:  Sorrento 2 Venue: Home
Skip Third Second Lead
 J Bridge M Adams R Camins R Day
D Cross R Mapley J Gadsdon P Gason
 P Bacich A Quinlan K Warburton J Shaw
Side Manager: J Shaw 


Division: 4 Blue 
Opponent:  Warwick 1 Venue: Away
Skip Third Second Lead
 G Klug W Jones R Jay R Tilt
P Hopper I Davies P Prout T James
B Ireland G Sansom K Brooke  A Rowe
Side Manager: R Tilt 


Division: 6 Blue
Opponent: Joondalup Venue: Away
Skip Third Second Lead
 A Bevan P Smyth P Clohessy Ian Day
R McLennan  A Campbell R Ransom D McMurtrie
Side Manager: Ross Mclennan

 UMPIRE:      John Bridge


Date: Saturday 25th November

Game No: 6 


2 Red 



Venue: Home
Skip Third Second Lead
R Donald  P Collins D Broadfoot J Pole
M Saunders J McIntosh K Green R McLean
J Brown K Macpherson J McCormack J Steinberg
D Hyde J Morgan A Pitman P Jeanes
Side Manager:   P Jeanes                    


Division:  3 Red 
Opponent: Thornlie 1 Venue: Away 
Skip Third  Second  Lead 
D Steinberg  B Burton
J Freedman
R MacKenzie
G Wilson N Davis D Hicks D Wood
L Richardson G Ellis K Warburton R Kelly
P Bacich T Quinlan B Page P Moulton
Side Manager: B Burton                                           


Division: 4 Red
Opponent: Melville Venue: Away
Skip Third  Second  Lead
J Bridge  G Sansom R Jay I Day
R Mapley  M Adams I Davies J Shaw
R Camins N Reynolds
J Gadsdon
P Prout
D Cross G Klug A Bevan R Day
Side Manager:       P Prout                         



5 Blue 

Opponent: Cambridge Venue: Home
Skip Third  Second  Lead 
 R McLennan W Smith A Rowe
D McMurtrie
B Ireland K Brooke L Matthews A Clements
P Hopper T James C Osborne P Smyth
Side Manager:        T James                       


UMPIRE:  Saturday:    J McCormack