Championship Teams & Photos

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Team members are named in the order they are shown (L-R) in the photograph 


 Men's Fours - Peter Jeanes (2), John McIntosh (S), David Broadfoot (3), Kent Warburton (L)

 Ladies' Fours - Sue Harris, Lyn Worland, Gwenda McIntosh (S), Celia Bakker

 Mixed Fours - Maureen Davison, Alan Davison,Lesley Cross, Doug Cross (no photo)

 Men's Triples  Kim Green, John McIntosh (S), Gary Ellis

 Ladies' Triples - Jan Steinberg (L), Carol Anderson (3), Celia Bakker (S)

 Men's Pairs - John McCormack (L),  John Morgan (S), 

 Ladies' Pairs Gwenda McIntosh (S), Celia Bakker (L)

 Mixed Pairs   Heather Hince, Peter Collins (S)

 Men's Singles  

 Ladies' Singles -  

 Ladies' Novice Singles -


 Men's Fours - Alan Davison (2), Lindsay Richardson (3), Peter Collins (S), Peter Prout (L)

 Ladies' Fours - Carol Anderson (S), Marcia Mazanetz (2), Lyn Worland (3), Jenny Willmot (L) 

 Mixed Fours - Maureen Davison, Wendy O'Meehan, Alan Davison, John O'Meehan

 Men's Triples -  David Broadfoot (3), David Hyde (S), Alan Pitman (L)

 Ladies' Triples -  Maureen Davison, Heather Hince (S), Cathy Minchin

 Men's Pairs -  Joel Steinberg (S), Kenneth MacPherson 

 Ladies' Pairs  Gwenda McIntosh (L), Celia Bakker (S)

 Mixed Pairs    Gwenda McIntosh (L), John McIntosh (S)

 Men's Singles  Ross Donald

 Ladies' Singles -  Heather Hince

 Ladies' Novice Singles - Leigh Richardson (Left: shown with runner-up Alison Tilt)



 Men's Fours - Joel Steinberg (2), Darren Redeckis (L), Jesse Brown (S), David Steinberg (3)

 Ladies' FoursRosemay Barr (L), Beryl Barblett (2), Gwenda mcIntosh (3), Wendy Ireland (S)

 Men's Triples - Don Hicks (L), Ross MacKenzie (S), Peter Bacich (2)

 Ladies' Triples - Wendy Ireland (S), Carol Anderson (2), Bev Davis (L)

 Men's Pairs -  Andrew Foster (L), Ross Donald (S)

 Ladies' Pairs - Margaret Campbell (L), Celia Bakker (S)

 Mixed Pairs - Heather Hince (L), Peter Collins (S)

 Men's Singles - Alek Gryta

 Ladies' SinglesHeather Hince 

 Men's Novice - 


Men's Fours - Ric Camins (2), Martin Saunders (S), Ron Day (L), John Pole (3)

Ladies' Fours -   Olga Mirmikidis (L), Carol Anderson (3), Jocelyn Yeaman (2), Sally-Anne Sansom (S)

Men's Triples - David Allen (L), Martin Saunders (S), Peter Collins (2)

Ladies' Triples - Heather Hince (S), Maureen Davison (2), Cathy Minchin (L)

Men's Pairs -   John O'Meehan, Peter Collins (S)

Ladies' Pairs - Margaret Campbell, Celia Bakker (S)

Mixed Pairs - Gwenda McIntosh, John McIntosh (S)

Men's Singles - Ross Donald

Ladies' Singles - Maureen Davison

Men's Novice - Rob Kelly