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the playing dates for the 2018-19 penannt season are shown below

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Chris Richardson president

Chris Richardson

We are proud of our club and the facilities that we are able to offer for the use of members, visiting bowlers, members of the community and other groups. 

Our location on DC Cruickshank Reserve, adjacent to natural bushland on the banks of the Swan River, provides a fantastic backdrop for any event. Ample parking is also available. 

Our facilities include grass greens for  competition and social bowls, kitchen and barbeque facilities, a well-stocked bar with reasonable prices and a hall area that can seat 120 diners comfortably. 

More details under VENUE HIRE on the main menu. 

We cater for bowlers from first timers to seasoned pennant players and coaching is available to all who wish to hone their skills. 

Contrary to common belief, bowls is a sport for all ages – from the very young to the elderly. 

Dalkeith Nedlands Bowling Club is a caring, friendly and inclusive club, and I encourage you to come on down and join us for a game of bowls and for some conviviality after an enjoyable game.





Congratulations to the winners of the Dalkeith round of this competition

John Pole (S)
Noel Reynolds
Alex Bevan

They will represent the club in the next round in a few weeks time


Pennants 2018-19
The forms to indicate your availablitity and preferences for the coming pennant season will be under the pennant team board from Monday 23 July.

Members wishing to play pennants are requested to complete the form as soon as possible


Winter Bowls


Saturday- Mens

Phone in by 12.15pm
9386 3131


Play starts at 1pm


Spring Carnival

If you want a copy of the poster to send to anyone click here

Pennants 2018-19

Men's Saturday

1st to 5th Division

27 Oct 18 - 15 Dec 18
12 Jan 19 - 30 Mar 19

26 Jan 2019
2 Mar 2019

2nd to 4th Division
6 April 2019

5th Division
6, 7 April 2019

Men's Thursday

1 Nov 18 - 13 Dec 18
10 Jan 19 - 21 Mar 19

28 March 2019

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2018-19 Summary   

Full Final 2018-19 Calendar

 Championship Singles 2017-18 

Championship Singhes 2018 Macca 175 border.jpg

John McIntosh






 Winter Bowls


Phone in by 12.30pm
9386 3131


Play starts at 1pm

Pennants 2018-19

Women's Tuesday

1st to 3rd Divisions

30 Oct 18 - 18 Dec 18
8 Jan 19 - 12 Mar 19 


18,19,20 March 2019 

Women's Saturday 

27 Oct 18 - 8 Dec 18
19 Jan 19 - 16 Mar 19 

26 Jan 19
2 Mar 19

23 March 2019

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2018-19 Summary  

Full Final 2018-19 Calendar



Ladies Singles 2017-18 heather HinceWinner 

Heather Hince 











Location: Corner of Victoria Avenue and Jutland Parade, Dalkeith

Telephone: 9386 3131    Fax: 9389 9874   Email: [email protected] 




Need a great venue?

The Dalkeith Nedlands Bowling Club is suitable for many types of functions: 

  • formal
  • informal
  • BBQ
  • party mixed with bowling
  • bowling only
  • Corporate team-building bowls
  • Meetings small and large

See pictures below then click "VENUE HIRE" on main menu for details and booking information

Considering bowls? 

We can offer you:

  • pennant bowls at all levels
  • organised social bowls on several days each week
  • casual bowls with friends seven days a week
  • a friendly and inclusive club

We have bowls you can use and can provide help to get you started.

See pictures below then click "JOIN" on main menu for contact details

FP Social 1

FP Social 2

FP Social 3

FP Social 4

FP Social 5

FP Social 6

FP Social 6FP Social 6

FP Bowling 1

 FP Bowling 2

FP Bowling 3

FP Bowling 4

FP Ladies Pennant

FP Bowling 5

FP Bowling 6

FP Bowling 7

FP Club